This blog will be dedicated to the recipes of the food we swap every other Friday.  You too can start a Frozen Dinner Swap Group and eat great family style meals during the week.  

 Step 1: Find 4 friends or neighbors who have families in similar size to yours.

Step 2: Pick a regular day to do your swap. We do every other Friday.

Step 3: Find a book at the library on frozen meals to get you started on what freezes well and what doesn’t. Casseroles freeze really well and so do things that marinade.

Step 4: Go to Costco and buy a lot of gallon size freezer bags and quart freezer bags, and a lot of aluminum foil.  Having the aluminum disposable casserole dishes around is good too.

Step 5: Make 4 -5 meals at once. This can take a long time but you can choose a time that is good for you.

Step 6: Find a side dish or dessert that matches up with your meal. Frozen bread, vegetables or ice cream sandwiches are fun.

Step 7: Swap till you drop! 

These dinners are also excellent things to premake your friend who is having a baby so she can have a week’s worth of dinners as close as her freezer. Or, if you are bringing in dinner to someone for RS these are very handy!


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